BZLibC++ Map Generation Library

BZLand 4.0--------------------------------------------
Permanent Server:
Beta Server:
Description: A 1000x1000 meter enclosed chamber
containing a full-size variable roller coaster,
a skating rink, multiple carousels, and tank
jump tubes.

BZLazerTag 1.0----------------------------------------
Permanent Server:
Description: A large black room, containing nothing
but colorful (but dark) posts. No radar exists
to tell you where your foes lie. All flags are
laser flags.

BZLand 1.0--------------------------------------------
Currently Not Served
Description: Four levels stacked on top of
each other. These levels are the gound, fire,
ice, and space levels respectively. They
are colored and themed accordingly, with all
levels containing their own racing systems and
trampolines. Carousel makes its first appearance.

BZLand 2.0--------------------------------------------
Currently Not Served
Description: BZLand 1.0 is now layed out on
a plane, rather than being stacked vertically.
The levels are reached by an Inter-Level Transport
System. Mazes are added in the center of the world,
accessible by flight.

BZLand 3.0--------------------------------------------
Currently Not Served
Description: The worlds are once more stacked
vertically. There is a ground level, with,
above it, a fire maze, ice maze, and space maze.
The paradise maze, the final maze, is notable
for its extremely loud coloring and overuse of the
grass texture.

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Download BZLibC++!
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