BZLibC++ Map Generation Library

BZLibC++ is a C++ library for creating BZFlag map files. Several scripts and programs exist to help you do this, but BZLibC++ has several advantages. After months of honing, BZLibC++ produces very small map files and at high speeds even on the slowest computers, allowing it to be used on even the oldest servers.

Another advantage of BZLibC++ is how much it distances you from the BZW code. BZLibC++ automates the creation of materials allowing you to simply assign colors and textures to objects and not have to worry about BZW's complex (and very fickle) material system.

To download via CVS, use the following commands:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P bzlibcpp

Alexander Peppe
April 4th, 2009

Download BZLibC++!
Download BZLibC++!
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